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HyperPublish - Web CD product catalog Create Web site / CD catalog - fully customizable, editable, database CSV import... download

Chronos Computes the AcuPoints which are optimized for a given date.... download

Stream Viewer Stream Viewer adds a new tab to file Properties windows, allowing you to see and delete hidden "alte... download

WireNote Note/ Reminder/ Messenger/ Todo/ utility. Easy-to-use tree-structured data holder... download

WireNote Note/ Reminder/ Messenger/ Todo/ utility. Easy-to-use tree-structured data holder... download

ShareISDN You can use it to share the functions of an ISDN-Card with other users in a LAN.... download

Compendium-TA A flexible modelling tool with graphs, outlines, user defined entities and more.... download

HS VideoCapture HS VideoCapture is a tool which captures videos from a video source and records them in avi format. ... download

Heidi R. Stealthy (TM) Instantly conceal your current PC or laptop activity with a single mouse-click.... download

Mr Hyde Hide all objectionable windows on your Desktop on one secret hotkey.... download


ANT 4 Pizza Timer Countdown Timer that alerts you, when Pizza is ready... download

SMS Ticker The scrollbar can display incoming SMS messages sent by the viewers... download

Alpha Pocket Journal Keep a private journal, diary or log on your Pocket PC.... download

Thoroughbred Performance Analyzer Thoroughbred Handicapping Software, "Handicapping Software for the 21st Century"... download

Genesis Gold Genesis Gold is the worlds first Ultrasonics and Automated Ultrasonics Simulator... download

SunshineCards A starter-kit for spreading warm fuzzy feelings... download

Frontbase GPS GPS Software for Garmin - Download and Upload. Excel and Text files supported!... download

Happy Note! Musician Wallpaper Four wallpaper of funny musicians available in three resolutions (800, 1024, 1280)... download

Black Magic Spellbook Newly released for all those who take the left handed path!... download

Personal Desktop Spy Control computer activity by covertly taking screenshots of application windows... download

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KR580 Emul Simulator of KR580 controller. Can input program in asm and hex codes. Check programs for work abili... download

Power Spike - Icewind Dale Icewind Dale character editor. This program was the first in line of programs that I hope to contin... download

CD Keys Create from one to thousands of uniques CD Keys... download

Power Spike - Baldur's Gate 2 SoA Baldur's Gate 2 SoA Character Trainer. Power Spike is a quick and dirty editor that's fai... download

SC-KeyLog Free A compact, reliable keylogger with mailing options and easy remote deployment... download

RAR Password Cracker Program to recover lost RAR/ WinRAR (2.xx and 3.xx) passwords.... download

XP Icons Give your Win98/ Me/ Win2k System icons the look of XP... download

eBook Pack Express E-Book Pack Express converts HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, Flash and ActiveX files into stand-alone, c... download

SayPad SayPad, the freeware talking text editor can read to you and make Audio file sets.... download

Autorun Action Menu Easy-to-use predesigned Autorun/ Autostart menu creator for CD-ROM... download


ExEntryC's Junior (knowledgebase) Build your own knowledgebase for personal and professional use.... download

The Sands of Time The Sands of Time prints a full-color listing of 25 events of any day in history... download

Prevent Deletion Prevent the deletion of certain files/ folders on a shared drive in your network... download

AutoPage Write stylish, animated Autorun/ Autoplay menu CDs for Windows systems (95 & Up)... download

Sound Pilot Adds audio control to the process of typing, thereby reducing stress.... download

My Personal Diary Keep a private diary journal or log and manage personal information.... download

FixMP3 FixMP3 converts a directory of sound files into MP3 that play in your DVD.... download

M7 Stocks Forecaster Stock Market Forecasting Software. Forecasts 1-20 days ahead... download

CoolAp Set multiple alarms, type text and launch programs using shortcuts, stopwatch.... download

Pin Distance Beta A utility program which uses GPS to provide yardage info. Works on ANY course.... download

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